Packing Tips for the Best Moving Experience

Packing your belongings can be challenge. Know your belongings come in different shapes and sizes can further complicate packing up the stuff your next move. Some quality key factors to think about will effectively help you stack, pack and squeeze everything you have into the perfect sizable storage. C.C.A. Movers provide excellent packing services but if you still need a little help with your own move here are some great packing tips to get the job done.

Packing Tips for Your Next Move

1. Prepare by acquiring small, medium and large size boxes. Also, you will need tape, scissors, padding and a marker so you can contain and organize your boxes.
2. Categorize your belongings into different sizes, or types of items.
3. Pack your items in easy to manage containers such as wrapping fragile items, bagging small items or using plastic containers. This will help to sort through your items later for unpacking.
4. Once you categorized and bundled all your belongings it is time to break out the boxes.
5. Using a logistical approach match and set items in a compact and accessible layout within each box. It will be your decision to decide what is the best items to fit together in each box. Caution when packing fragile items for they are more likely to break.
6. Test your packed boxes to assure they don’t shake rattle or roll. Be sure to repack any items that sound loose in each box.
7. Once boxes are packed, tape and write the room name on top and side of the box.
8. Stack your boxes in a neat manner and wait for the C.C.A. Moving company to come pick them up for your next move.
9. Once belongings are moved, it is time to unpack and start living in the comfort of your cozy new home.

Moving Day Tips

Moving day tips that should be considered for your next moving day.
1. Make your move simple by working with a professional company
2. Keep track of finances and household pets and family
3. Keep track of your belongings
4. Patch up and fix any house defects
5. Clean your old home once you have packed and are ready to leave.
6. Document any defects or problems in your new home.
7. Review lease policies and make sure you don’t break the compliance.

Best Moving Tips

Moving Made Easy Tips

1. Plan ahead and make a to-do list. See moving checklist.
2. Pack belongings that not as important first.
3. Make sure you change all you billing and information to your new address.
4. Saving money ahead of time in case of emergency.


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