12 Jul


By / cliffordlc

Money Saving Tips for Hiring Commercial Movers

When you think about everything involved with moving–all the hard work, getting used to new surroundings, and the adventure of it all–you sometimes forget about the financial cost required to make the move happen. C.C. Associated Movers would like to offer you some tips on saving money when using commercial movers in Georgia.   

Boxes Are Everywhere

Everyone knows you need boxes to move, and you need a lot of them. Buying boxes can really add up. The good news is that you can get boxes from many free sources if you plan right. They may throw them out where you work, stores have a lot of them every week, and friends and neighbors who have moved recently will be glad to have you take them off their hands. So, get started early and gather up those boxes.

Shut off Utilities

Assess ahead of time which utilities you’ll absolutely need, and for how long, at both your old address and the new one. Then, shut off the ones at your old place and delay the startup utilities at your new residence so costs are minimal.

Don’t Pay to Move Useless Junk

Moving trucks cost more than a trip to the garbage dump, so throw away items you don’t need while packing the ones you do. Try renting a dumpster while you clear out your things. You’ll be glad you did.

Also, donating items you don’t need to charitable thrift and clothing outlets will replace your sense of loss with the feeling of having helped another family out.

Reading Shouldn’t Be Expensive

Books are important, everyone knows that; but they’re also very heavy. Boxes filled with them are expensive to move. Either trim down your collection or try to pack the boxes extra tight to use fewer of them during your move.

Tax Deductible Expenses

Look into ways to save with tax deductible moving expenses. Check with your accountant.

Dress Up Your Breakables

Save on packing material and reduce the number of boxes you’ll need by using clothing to wrap fragile items. Just make sure you’re not using clothing that should have been thrown out or donated!

Use these tips when planning for your packers and movers. Also, save money by hiring experienced and reputable moving companies in Dacula, GA.