21 Jun


By / cliffordlc

Why Use Professional Movers for Corporate Relocation?

If you’re relocating your business, you might be thinking that you can do it yourself with a little manual labor from your employees. But there are many reasons that a DIY business move is a bad idea. Here are a few reasons why you should forego the employee-driven corporate move and opt for hiring commercial movers in Lawrenceville, GA.

Injury Liability

Moving office furniture and equipment is labor that can require a lot of physical exertion. When performed by untrained individuals–like employees who were hired for desk jobs–it can actually be quite dangerous. The simple act of lifting heavy objects can lead to serious back injuries. And if any of that furniture or equipment is dropped on someone, the injuries can be even more devastating. And if you’re enlisting your employees to do this work for you, you will be liable for any injury that occurs in the process.

Damage to Equipment

Corporate movers are also trained to handle expensive and heavy equipment, while your employees are not. If you don’t let professionals take care of the job, it’s much more likely that your equipment and furniture will be damaged in the move. The cost of replacing any damaged equipment can add up quickly, making it much easier (and potentially more affordable) to simply hire professional movers from the very beginning.

Keep Business Running

If you use your employees for your move, they will be unable to do their jobs. While it’s inevitable that there will be some downtime during any move, that time can be greatly decreased by allowing professionals to handle moving non-essential items while your employees continue to work. This can make a big difference for your business by allowing you to continue making sales and servicing your customers for as much time as possible.

While you might think you’re saving money by doing your own office move, when you consider the costs of shutting down your business and potentially paying for damages and injuries, it’s really much simpler to hire corporate movers in Gwinnett.