07 Jun


By / cliffordlc

What to Do before Your Out-of-State Move

Even moving down the block involves a tremendous amount of work and planning. Moving is very difficult and can take a lot out of you. Moving long distances, like out of state, takes you to a whole new level when it comes to the effort you’ll need to put into it. C.C. Associated Movers know exactly what goes into an out-of-state move and want to help you make out-of-state moving as smooth as possible.


Creating a master plan for your move is very important. You’ll need to decide on a budget and a moving company. You’ll also need to decide which possessions will come with you and which will get sold, given away, or thrown out. You’ll need to create a packing schedule and decide who will pack what. You’ll also need to arrange for your own travel, including type of transportation and accommodations.

Your Movers and Their Plans

Once you pick a moving company, get full contact information from them so that there is no confusion as to how to contact them now and in the future. Next, find out vital information such as total costs, liability information, the company’s credentials, and their reputation. Online reviews can be helpful, but ask around about the company if you can. Lastly, find out when the company plans to have your things completely delivered to your new home and whether or not they will use subcontractors for the move.

Be Ready before Moving Day

When movers show up and have to wait for you to pack, neither you nor they will have a good moving day. Have your things completely packed and ready to go well in advance of the actual moving day. To facilitate this, pack into a suitcase the things you can absolutely not do without. Also, pack an emergency bag just in case anything gets delayed with the move. For example, weather can be unpredictable and slow things down.

Out-of-state moves can be tough, but luckily, there’s affordable moving in Alpharetta. Don’t do things yourself; rely on expert state-to-state movers in Alpharetta to make your move headache-free. Moving to a new home and a new life is hard enough; let professional movers deal with the rest.