13 Apr


By / cliffordlc

How to Make Things Easier for Your Residential Movers

Moving is a major project, whether you are moving down the street or across the country. Hiring residential movers in Norcross can make the process significantly easier and less stressful, leaving you to worry about more important details. A little preparation is extremely helpful to ensure that moving day goes smoothly for both you and your movers, so read on for moving and packing tips to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch.

A Win-Win Situation

While some people adopt the mentality that it’s the movers’ job to do everything in the packing and moving process, the reality is that you benefit from making the process smooth and successful. They are your possessions, after all, and you know best which items need to be treated with special care and how you want things to be organized. Doing some of the preparatory steps yourself can also save you money on those hourly packing and moving fees.

Packing and Preparation

First, it is helpful to throw away or donate the items you no longer need or want before you start packing up the things you want to keep. It is pointless to pack and transport stuff you don’t even want. Pack or label fragile and important items that need special care so you don’t have to worry about them. Make sure things are generally clean and accessible, and make sure you will be able to be home to let the company in at the designated time.

Moving Day

Once the actual moving process begins, things can get a little hectic and stressful. Remember, your movers are there to make your life easier, but they won’t be able to know exactly what you want unless you tell them. Rather than expecting them to read your mind when it comes to your belongings, it is much easier to communicate your needs and special requests upfront. This will make things easier for everyone involved. Remember to be courteous and polite to your movers despite the craziness of the day, and try to keep kids and pets out of the way to keep things safe for all parties.