08 Mar


By / cliffordlc

4 Questions to Ask about Free Quotes from Moving Companies

Moving can be stressful enough before you start to think about which moving company to hire. When you hire any company to perform a service for you, there are a few things you need to know before making any commitments. You want to make sure that the company is respectable and qualified, while you also find the right price for the job. When you’re talking to moving companies in Alpharetta, you want to talk to them about the moving process and the quote. Getting a written quote is one of the most important parts of hiring any company. When you’re getting information about a quote, be sure to ask a few questions first.

  • “How do you bill me? By weight, by time, or something else?” Each company charges differently, depending on the service. Some moving companies will charge you differently due to the length of the trip, the amount of freight, or their own business model. It can help you significantly if you know whether or not the company charges you by the amount of time they spend with you, or the amount of items they move for you.
  • “Can I save money if I move at a later date and time?” Some companies will charge more to move your belongings during the summer months. Most people move during the summer months because it’s warm, and easy to spend time outside. Some moving companies will charge more because there’s a high demand for their service during this time. If you can save money by moving during fall instead, it’ll help to know this information beforehand.
  • “Do people usually tip you?” When you ask a question like this, you can’t always expect a straightforward answer. Some people will say yes simply because they want you to tip, while others don’t care as much. Most people do tip movers for their services because it’s such a physical activity. Be sure to add in your tip cost with the estimate.
  • “Is there any more information you need from me?” Sometimes you can get a false quote due to missing pieces of information. If the moving company doesn’t get all of the details from you at the time of the quote, you can’t expect them to give you an accurate estimate.