15 Feb


By / cliffordlc

Tips to Make Moving Out of State Easier

On the list of life’s stressors, moving is at or near the top! In a poll of 2,000 adults, two-thirds of respondents said the stress of moving beat out both the stresses of divorce and starting a new job–which tied for second on the list.

Professional packers and movers can make the move across town or across state easier. Here are a few simple tips to help make an out-of-state move a smooth experience.

List Essentials

The more you pack, the more you’ll need to unpack on the other end. One way to make a cross country move simpler is to limit the amount of things you’ll take with you. Make a list of must-haves or essentials, and then, host a garage sale and get rid of things you don’t need to take with you. Essentials may include your furniture and bedding, but before a move is a great time to downsize your wardrobe or eliminate the clutter from your life. As an added bonus, you can start fresh on the other end of the move by replacing a few things using the money you made from the sale of your old stuff.

Host a Packing Party

Packing boxes is tedious, but with the help of friends and family, you can make fast work of that tedious chore. Make sure to stock up on boxes, tape, and markers, and remind your helpers to label boxes by room! This will make unpacking on the other end easier.

Insure Your Belongings

If you’ll be moving the items yourself, don’t forget to insure your belongings for the trip. Most moving companies, whether full service movers or truck rental companies, will offer you the option to purchase insurance. If your things don’t arrive safely on the other end of your move, you’ll be covered to replace broken or damaged items. It’s a small expense for peace of mind!

Professional MoverDon’t Pack Essentials

In the haste of a move, make sure you don’t pack things you’ll need as you travel cross-country during the move. This may include a change of clothes, snacks for the road, and dog toys, food and water. Having to dig through boxes to find something you accidentally packed only adds stress to a challenging situation. Before you pack everything away, make a short list of road trip essentials and set those items aside.

Hire Movers

Because moving is such a stressful experience, experts recommend hiring professional movers–especially for out-of-state or long distance moves. You can budget for movers to do absolutely everything, or save money by packing yourself or unpacking on the other end. Either way, having professional assistance can make the transition from one home to another smoother. You don’t have to do it alone!

List your essentials, downsize your belongings, host a packing party, insure your belongings and hire a moving company and relieve yourself of some of the stress of moving. Choose the best moving company and feel confident knowing your belongings will arrive at your new address in tip-top condition.